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Boat to lunch on the lake This was on the boat coming back from lunch on a floating restaurant in a lake in the mountains.


Food stop This was another restaurant stop at a resort in the mountains.  

Donations Here we are giving donations to a school in the mountains. PTT was partly responsible for the donations.


Side car in the mountains The bikes often draw attention from the locals, especially something like this side car.


Check out the kidsThe kids were very well behaved as we went through the process of giving the donations.



What's happening here?


Here is Dean and Arthur, that does not look like beer there Dean. There goes the image!


Don gets off some fancy shots on the road. Nit took this picture.

    Bike school for the locals.


Some very nice scenery up there


Parking in the mountainsSome of the better parking arrangements in the mountains.


Some old bikes still goingA few guys stopped by on their trip, to say hello. Some vintage stuff here.

Dean loves to poseHere is Dean out on a separate trip to May Hong Son with Don. I guess Don is on the other side of the camera.

Chang MaiAs I have said before the cops are different here,you
would not see me in a picture like this in Canada!


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