Here are some pictures of my 1964 Harley Panhead Duo Glide

I have completely rebuilt this from the ground up and still modifying I have some great new things in it including Power Arc Ignition from C5 Ignitions. I hope to add a bunch of tips and ideas I have learned over the years on here as I have time. I really love the old vintage Harley Davidson but any old bikes for that matter.

I made a build spec for the bike when I started. Sort of rules of what I would do for the basic build. These are:

- Basic stock restoration, with as many stock original parts as possible.

- I can do some modifications but mostly as it was available in 1964, these include paint, leather seats etc.

- I can make changes for safety reasons like add fuses

- I can make small unseen modifications for performance and workability

I want ot have 2 versions of the bike with different seats and saddlebags both era correct

So here is the latest version with several mods done. I still need to pain the bags I think the white is just too much. I also need to add the lower buddy seat backrest which still needs some work. The basic idea here was to fix a few flaws fro the first build including paint, some chrome, handmade mufflers and about 75 other mods.

Click on images for larger ones


Thailand Panhead by norm


1964 Panhead


Panhead Thailand Pattaya


Pattaya Panhead by norm


Panhead Thailand



I had the white bags but these days just looks a little odd to me

Panhead Duoglide 1964This was me happy to get it out of the shop after a long process of tweaks.



Norms 1964 Panhead Duo Glide

Harley Panhead baggerOld and new baggers


This was the previous build and still somewhat valid I can change the bike to the above full bagger look in a few hours.

Norm Panhead Harley Thailand Pattaya

Norm 1964 Panhead in Pattaya Thailand

great engine picture by Tim Hagen

Norms Panhead engine  Pattaya

Harley Panhead  Pattaya Bike Week Jesters MC


Another shot of the Harley engine, this is a beautiful sight as far as I am concerned.

Harley Panhead engine Thailand

This is the "fleet" of bikes at the house. Got rid of the Softail as there were too many to manage. Picture by Tommy Todd.

Harley Panhead, Softail, Ultra or "the fleet" in Pattaya Thailand



Here's the Panhead being restored and the start of many hundreds of hours. Restoration takes a lot of work especially going back to stock.

Norms Harley Panhead during rebuild Pattaya

Installing rebuilt parts and reconditioned parts.

 Norms Panhead rebuilding vintage Harley Thailand





As it was in 2006 looks a bit ok but everything was bad and needed work.

Norms Panhead before

Norms panhead before rebuild




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