Norm's Harley pics 4

Norms Harley Panhead 1956 show bikeThis was a show bike I built from the early 70s. This was a great ride I wish I still had it. In those days it was do everything yourself. Winter time in Canada was bike building time. I made just about everything but the paint and molding was "By Dennis" which is no under the name The Great Canadian Sign Co. in St Catherines Ont. He has painted all my bikes and still does now. So if you don't like the paint jobs give him shit.


Panhead Norm Shovelhead Top This is a Panhead bottom end Shovel Top end

  Panhead Norm


Norm early days Panhead Canada Ontario BurlingtonBefore this it was an old flat head that I chopped. I don't know where those pictures are. This one is a pan that I bought for 500 dollars I painted it, after that I went to Dennis the painter.


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