Phuket 1995

This was the year of the first Annual Phuket run with bikes coming from all over Thailand Singapore and Malaysia.

Here we are on a group ride around the island lots of good looking bikes and good people.

The ride in Phuket 1995  Also the ride in Phuket  Bikes


The guys


Thailand Bangkok Police Here are the police that escorted us on this trip. They do a lot of work and are a great help. Thanks to all of them. I never thought I would be saying that to a cop as it is not the same in Canada.


Pit stop

Tom Heavens DevilsHere is Tom from the Heaven's Devils M.C. Bangkok. They often rode with us.

posingWhich one looks like a Heavens Devil member?


  TheoTheo on the pose.

  Phuket with Max On the left is a picture of a Max ( on the right )who died this same year. A good friend and he is missed.

  beer stop getting going again Immortals

Khun DaengHere is good old Daeng. "Did anybody see my side car?"

  DegusThis is Degas our Italian stallion.

  Time for gasTime for gas

  Heading out of townHere we are heading out of town.


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