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Immortals MC Thailand Game timeGame time.

  This is on the trip down with about 6 hrs of rain.


Toms BikeHere is Toms bike from his shop on Soi 62. This was about the most radial bike there, in my opinion. It has a a blower on it and is completely custom. Its a low one at 3 inches off the ground.

Here is me on the left coming into Phuket.


  This time of year is Songkran which is the Thai new year. The custom is to throw water at each other. The whole country turns into a water fight. It can be dangerous some times getting a big blast of water in the face.



Here is a group. Myself and Degas ( middle ) and Ross ( far right ). Pit stop on the way down.

Tongue job


  Here is a group of the Jesters MC.

Jesters MC



Bull session solving all the Harley problems of the world.



Do Harleys break down? Here is Ross and Degas helping out.


Here is the President of the Immortals MC, Khun Ae.

Ross Higgins

Here is Ross while not fixing bikes. He did a great job keeping all the bikes going.

    Happy award winner.

    Always lots of cars and small bikes to ride around.





PHUKET AWARDS   Award time.

  Some of the award winners here and bellow. This is a very nice sporty.

  Pascal Wins Pascal wins again.



  Temple stop Here was a stop at a temple on the way back. I was not here as I stayed for a while then went over to Ko Samui for about 10 days.

Posers These guys ( and me )love to pose with the lovely girls of Thailand. 


  Riding gear often involves masks for the sun and dirt. It is not too bad in the country but in Bangkok the pollution is very bad.

Entering Phuket

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