Rayayong 1 The boys.


This guy needs no introduction in Thailand. Here is Ad and son before the concert.


ray3.jpg This is back Stage of the charity concert of a home for kids.


ray4.jpg Back Stage was also for the parking.


Starting the run Getting ready to ride.


DennisHere is Dennis on an afternoon put around Rayong

  Is it really broken?Lets fix that bike right after another beer.


Last resort They all cannot be fixed on the road. This one we could not get parts for. So in the truck it goes.

  Pit Stop and bike repair Pit stop and bike repair

  Repairs on the road Another beer on the long ride home. Each breakdown requires beer consumption.

  Long night It was a bit tiring on this trip back but believe it or not it was a great run.

  Fix another  Lets fix another bike and have another beer.

Cute for sure Lovely lady!!

  Rayong Long hard day for sure!!

  pit stop again



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